Open Volunteer Positions

Sparkle Ambassadors

Description of work:

We are looking for volunteers to consistently clean up litter in Madrona to make the neighborhood Sparkle. Litter is especially prevalent in and around the parks. This is a great position for someone who is an avid walker and doesn’t mind picking up litter on one of their walks. We live in a beautiful place and want to keep it that way!

Hours: 30 minutes per week minimum; skipping some weeks for vacation is absolutely fine.

Process Improvement & Efficiency Manager

Description of work:

Are you organized and good at solving problems? If so, you may be a good fit for helping us improve how our organization operates. We are looking for a volunteer to help us work more smoothly by finding ways to automate some of our duties (e.g. automatically sending emails with tax deductible donation information to donors after donations are made online; we currently have to do this manually).

Hours: 1-2 hours per month

Madrona School Liaison

Description of work:

We would love for the Madrona Neighborhood Association to become more involved with the schools in Madrona. If you are interested in connecting with the schools so we can loop them into our community events and programs, this is the position for you!


Hours: 1 hour per month

Neighborhood Photographer

Description of work:

Do you love to take photos? Have people said you have a “good eye” for design or art? We are looking for someone to photograph our Madrona community and events so we can share them on our website, social media, and to promote them for future years. This could be great for a young person in the neighborhood who is interested in photography.

Hours: 30 minutes per month



Social Media Manager

Description of work:

Help us stay connected with the community by uploading photos and stories to our Madrona Neighborhood Association social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram currently). If you like to stroll around the neighborhood and take photos, this would be a great way to contribute to the community. You can have fun with it by posting a photo of your coffee from Hi Spot, or posting about fish at east Anchor. This could be a good fit for a young person in the neighborhood interested in Social Media Management as a career path, and/or who needs volunteer hours.

Hours: 4-hours per month


Description of work:

We are looking for a volunteer to help liaise with those who advertise in the Madrona Community email and news to make sure we are placing the most up-to-date ads in the news each month. Advertisements fund the news so we can make it free for all to enjoy. This role requires someone to receive advertisement images via email and place them into a folder for the news managers to place in the paper each month. This role does not involve invoicing advertisers; our Treasurer manages invoicing and payments, so this volunteer position will not have to.

Hours: 1-hour per month