Mission Statement

Topophilia: a love for, and deep connection and attachment to a place.

The Madrona Neighborhood Association aspires to create a balanced neighborhood where urban functions are harmoniously integrated, and where residents can live, work, play & connect easily. We seek to foster a social & emotional bond between residents, their community, and their immediate environment.

Research shows that strong, resilient communities engender a sense of belonging, pride and attachment in the place where one lives. When residents feel emotionally connected to their environment, it strengthens social ties and promotes a better quality of life.

We support this mission by focusing our efforts on 3 primary pillars informed by community polling, and progressive urban planning research:

  1. Connectedness through community event planning. We host several events throughout the year, with two large staple events being free for all, Mayfair and Music in the Playfield (concerts in the park every Tuesday in August; combined over 3k participants). We also organize numerous other community-connecting and fundraising events including, Thanksgiving Pie Sale (November), Winter Night Market & Raffle (December), Winter Tree Lights on 34th Ave (November-February), Flower Baskets (May-October), Madrona Yard Sale Day (August), and more. 
  2. Community development. Our organization uses direct community feedback from polling to focus our energy on development projects most important to the Madrona community, including playground renovations, improved pedestrian walkways, crosswalks, tree planting, bike and scooter safety, etc. Madrona Neighborhood Association community volunteers act as liaisons with the City of Seattle to consistently make progress in these areas, many of which are projects that have been active for multiple years.
  3. Safety/security. Community polling has highlighted Madrona resident and worker interest in improved safety lighting, emergency preparedness in the case of a catastrophic event, and other community safety measures. Our volunteer business liaisons frequently connect with our local Madrona businesses to come up with solutions that could improve security and prevent break-ins, and other safety concerns.