Madrona Neighbor Appreciation Awards 2018


Each year the Madrona Community Council accepts nominations for Neighbor Awards. At the same ceremony, Madrona School also presents awards to their outstanding members.  This year the awards are:

1. The Nora Award, named in honor of Madrona activist Nora Wood, is given to a Madrona resident who, in ways both large and small, has left a personal mark on the community.  The award this year goes to Bill Mahoney.

Since joining the MCC board in 2010 Bill Mahoney has proved himself a generous volunteer on behalf of Madrona neighbors, and he is leaving a personal mark on the community as he steps down from being MCC president.. As President, he has taken quite a few hits for the neighborhood team—most notably the spectacular slide down a long ladder while hanging fairy lights for the 2017 wine tasting fundraiser. Happily, in that and many other ways, Bill has proved himself a guy who bounces well whether it is off gym floors or at setbacks the MCC experienced during his long run as president, and his even longer run as volunteer extraordinaire. He often has been the guy to contact various city offices to gain answers to large and small questions from Madrona residents.

As President of the MCC, Bill did a great job of brokering the Kraus fund projects; he worked long and hard with Rob Ward to revise MCC bylaws; and thanks to Bill’s persistence the MCC now has its very own key to the Madrona Park Shelterhouse. He has been the main liaison between performers and the MCC for August summer concerts, and for most of those events he has been the “man at the mike” to explain MCC activities and seek volunteers. Bill additionally has led the charge to distribute MCC funds for important community projects. Through all this Bill has been a strong leader whose sense of humor and will to work on behalf of the community has never waivered. He showed particular grace as president of the MCC during a time when his day job exerted more pressures, even as he was living with a major house remodel at the same time. The MCC thanks him warmly for his leadership over the years, though there may be those who question his dedication to the Patriots in Seahawks country.

Bill Mahoney photo

Nora Award Winner Bill Mahoney pictured above.

2.  The Tyrone Love Unsung Hero Award: Named in honor of neighborhood activist Tyrone Love, this award is given to a Madrona resident for service to others in the larger community. Paul Gray is our recipient this year, and we thank him for the many ways he has served Madrona and its surrounding communities over the years. Doing business on 34th at the Barber Lounge/Lounging Barber for 18 years, Paul Gray has welcomed so many to his place. He is much too circumspect to name the names of the famous people who visit Madrona for Paul’s skills, so suffice it to say they do come. And on occasion he has shared his skills at Leschi School, by providing haircuts to elementary school students there. On his own time and dime, Paul prepares meals for people in need of food.

Paul’s nomination came from someone who on a more personal note wrote:as my husband became increasingly disabled and could no longer travel to Paul Gray’s barber shop, Paul would come to our home to cut my husband’s hair. I later learned he does the same for other clients who are no longer able to visit the Lounging Barber.

Paul Gray photo.jpgPaul Gray pictured above with Sharon Safarik


3.  The Local Hero award goes to Mike Stegman to honor acts of singular kindness and generosity. In his l7 years waiting tables at St Clouds, Mike in many ways helped to create St. Cloud’s as a home for Madrona people–a place where all could feel cared for. Mike knew his customers, and built community through all that he did at St. Clouds. In addition to great service as a waiter, Mike was an integral participant in the monthly homeless cooking sessions.

Perhaps people who never knew Mike by name will remember him as the tall waiter who not only took orders efficiently but also often walked St Cloud floors with a baby who had grown restless and bored while parents dined. The first of these babies are now in college but know of Mike’s calming influences from their parents; one of them recently introduced himself to Mike on a ferry.

Even if your table wasn’t within Mike’s assigned area, he would watch out for you and others. And he made sure that everyone could have a good time. On one occasion, we witnessed him calming a pair of rowdy toddlers whose parents had little success in reining them in. Just a few words from Mike sent the pair quietly back to their seats. This is only one of many examples of Mike’s extra care for guests at St. Cloud’s.

Mike Stegman

Mike Stegman is pictured above.

4.  The Madrona Resident for Life Award is bestowed on a long-time, active resident who has left Madrona but is much missed. This year the award goes to our friend Wayne Duncan.

During the years before and during the time when the City studied Madrona to develop practices that could balance the interests of pedestrians and street trees, Wayne spent many hours creating the Safer Sidewalks Mature Trees agenda, researching city rules, reaching out to the community about SDOT’s plan to remove trees, studying alternative sidewalk construction, writing calm, thoughtful, and professional statements to the City, and planning or attending city meetings.  Wayne is super smart, patient, and simply loves this Madrona neighborhood, and with his work he made Madrona a better place.

Aly Frei, Wayne Duncan & Sarah Westneat.jpg

Wayne Duncan pictured above with Aly Frei and Sarah Westneat.

5. The Madrona Good Neighbor Award: This award goes to an organization whose activities particularly benefit Madrona. This year the award goes to St. Therese—both St Therese Catholic Academy and the St. Therese Parish for the good work they have done in educating children and sharing their gifts large and small. Writing for the Madrona News in Jan 2018, current principal Matt DeBoer (who accepted the award) reminded us that St. Therese sisters knocked on African-American doors so that by the 1950s they had succeeded in creating an intentionally integrated school where faith and family were driving forces. The parish continues to draw on diversity through the year, welcoming everyone to their chapel. And the Madrona Community Council thanks both the School and the Parish for kindly sharing their facilities for recent wine-tasting fund raisers to benefit the Madrona community.

Matt DeBoer

Matt De Boer is pictured above.

Happily, Madrona School which hosts the Neighbor Awards event in their school library also provides awards to special people in their community.  Receiving the following awards this year are:

  1.  The Kaaren Andrews and Mary Bass Award is given to a person who goes above and beyond the call of duty linking the community and the school. This year the award goes to Sarah Kent.

Sarah Kent and Sharon Safarik

Sarah Kent is pictured above with MCC President and PTSA Co-President Sharon Safarik.

2.  The Go Panthers Award goes given to a person who goes above and beyond to support the school community. This year the winner is Kharen Nakauye.


Pictured above is Karen Nakauye.

3.  The Staff Award goes to an outstanding staff member, and in 2018 the person chosen for this award is Tammy Alexander.

Miss Tammy

Tammy Alexander (AKA Miss Tammy) is pictured above.

4.  The K-2 Student of the Year is Maya Frank.

little child

Maya Frank is pictured above.

5.  The Grade 3-5 Student of the Year is Sethitee Tarr


Madrona Community Wreath Sale


Madrona Community Wreath Sale

Join BOOM and Madrona Community Council for a Very Merry Holiday on 12/7 from 10-2 at the corner of 34th and Union.  Each ticket purchased gets a 24″  wreath.  Perfect for holiday decorating or gift giving.

This event is a fundraiser for the MCC – to support our neighborhood activities year round, including the Madrona NewsLetter, Mayfair, the Children’s Halloween Party, the Neighborhood Garage Sale, Neighborhood Appreciation Day, the Christmas Ship Bonfire and Sing-Along, and Neighborhood Clean-Up Day.