Madrona Schools

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Madrona PK-8

Madrona PK-8 has been identified by the Seattle Public School district as an Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO) school, providing individual attention for high achieving students. Madrona PK-8 offers project based learning opportunities, will continue “walk to math” – providing math curriculum in student groups not based only on grade band but at levels appropriate to individual needs, and continues to use the innovative Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop from Columbia Teacher’s College – piloted in Seattle at Madrona K-8 – attuning reading and writing curriculum for each student. ALO designation also means when students test into a gifted program in the district (Spectrum or Accelerated Progress Program – APP) they do not need to change schools and their advanced needs can be met at Madrona PK-8. These students are also tracked by the district and Madrona K-8 Spectrum and APP students maintain their gifted status as they transition to high school.

Coyote Central

Coyote Central challenges young adolescents to build competence and creativity through hands-on workshops with professionals in creative fields.  Independent problem-solving with sophisticated skills at Coyote builds adolescents’ confidence and expands their sense of personal possibility.

Coyote Central’s vision is for Seattle-area adolescents of every background to become creative thinkers and problem-solvers who are confident in their capabilities and voice and engaged with their community.

Coyote Central

Epiphany School

Welcome to Epiphany School, a vibrant place where we care deeply about academic rigor and sincerely knowing children and families. Each day on our remarkable campus you will witness caring, compassion, and energy through the actions of our dedicated parent body, talented faculty, and confident and courageous students.

We are an independent, nonsectarian school for boys and girls in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Located in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood, we strive for inclusion of all families and welcome the gifts that diversity brings to our school.

Garfield High School

James A. Garfield High School is a public high school in the Seattle Public Schools district of Seattle, Washington, USA. Located along 23rd Avenue between E. Alder and E. Jefferson Streets in Seattle’s urban Central District, Garfield draws students from all over the city. Garfield is also one of two options for the district’s Accelerated Progress Program for highly gifted students, with the other being Ingraham International High School. As a result, it has many college-level classes available ranging from calculus-based physics to Advanced Placement (AP) studio art.

Les Enfants des Seattle

Les Enfants de Seattle is a French language and culture immersion preschool located in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood. We also have a sister Spanish immersion preschool, Los Niños de Seattle.

St. Therese Catholic Academy

St. Therese Catholic Academy is a dynamic, faith-filled community in which students, families, and educators work together to ignite each others’ minds, dreams, and faith in a small, nurturing, and life-giving environment.

Our Blended Learning model allows students to utilize computers to work at their own individualized levels and paces and provides teachers with instant access to data to refine and enhance their daily instruction to meet each child’s individual needs.

The Valley School

We are a pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, independent school located in Seattle’s Madison Valley. We carefully attend to the individual development of each child and encourage their innate passion for learning through intellectual exploration, imaginative thinking and the practice of kindness.