Madrona Blossoms

The Madrona Blossoms hanging flower baskets have adorned storefronts and street lamps throughout our community since 2005.  Grown in greenhouses over the winter, the baskets are hung from May through October.

The lush, colorful flower baskets are loved by neighbors and attract many visitors (including photographers) to Madrona, making them want to linger — to shop, dine, play, relax.  So, they’re also good for business, which is why the program is strongly supported by our local restaurants, shops, and businesses.


If you appreciate the color and vibrancy the flower baskets bring to our community, we invite you to join our local business leaders and your neighbors in supporting the Madrona Blossoms program.  One basket costs $400 annually to plant and maintain, and we hang approximately 50 baskets each year.   We rely solely on donations to support the program so please consider supporting a basket or two — as a family, with your friends, or even with a group of neighbors; or simply donate what you can.  Anything you can give is greatly appreciated.


You can contribute via check or click on the donate button below. If paying by check, please send your tax-deductible contribution (payable to “Madrona Blossoms MCC”) to: Madrona Blossoms Treasurer, 3516 East Union St, Seattle, WA 98122.

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