Mayfair 2017

At Mayfair 2017 the rains held off, the parade was held, and as the sun broke through many more people appeared in the park.  Below are some photos from the day:

The In the paradeparade begins        Girl Scouts marchMadrona K-8 Girl Scouts March

Gymboree funGymboree fun       Hmm, are these for dogs tooHmm, are these                                                                                    bake sale items for dogs too?


Always a good time in the sandbox there’s always fun in the sandbox at the Playfield!


MCC's Ly Tran assisting pony riderThe MCC’s Ly Tran helps a pony rider dismount


The Madrona Community  Council thanks you for your part in making this 41st Mayfair celebration a successful one.


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