Nominate Your Neighbor

The Madrona Community Council (MCC) will again sponsor Neighbor Appreciation Day—this year on Feb. 11. To celebrate our 22nd year of appreciating neighbors, we seek your nomination of one or more neighbors for the following awards:

  • The Nora Award: Named in honor of Madrona activist Nora Wood, this award is given to a Madrona resident who, over time and in ways large or small, has left a personal mark on the community.
  • The Local Hero Award: Given to a Madrona resident for an act of heroism, singular kindness, or generosity.
  • The Tyrone Love Unsung Hero Award: Given to a Madrona resident for service to others in the larger community, and named in honor of neighborhood activist Tyrone Love.
  • The Madrona Resident for Life Award: Bestowed upon a long-time, active resident who has left Madrona but is much missed.
  • The Madrona Good Neighbor Award: This award goes to an organization whose activities particularly benefit Madrona.


You are invited to submit the names of one or more nominees by sending a few sentences about how the nominee reflects values of the award for which nominated. Email your nomination(s) on orbefore Dec. 30 to for MCC Board selection.