City Council to Consider District Councils

Early this summer, Mayor Ed Murray moved to disband District Council, proclaiming them to be lacking in diversity.  Here in Madrona, we send our representatives to the Central District Council where they work with many other organizations located in the CD, including the Northwest African American Museum and the African American Chamber of Commerce.  On Sept 26 the City Council will consider disbanding District Councils.  Weigh in with your opinion by contacting any or all City Council members and the Mayor at:

Lisa Herbold, District 1;

Bruce Harrell, District 2: 206-684-8804;

Kshama Sawant, District 3 (Madrona is in District 3); 206-684-8016;

Rob Johnson, District 4: 206-684-8808;

Debora Juarez, District 5:  206-684-8805;

Mike O’Brien, District 6: 206-684-8800;

Sally Bagshaw, District 7: 206-684-8801;

Tim Burgess, Position 8 (citywide): 206-684-8806;

Lorena Gonzalez, Position 9 (citywide): 206-684-8802;

Mayor Ed Murray; 206-684-4000;