SDOT Trees & Sidewalk Operations Plan: Public Meeting Dates

As part of the work on the Healthy Trees and Safe Sidewalks Management Plan, which includes a Madrona corridor case study (focusing on 34th Ave, between Union and E Cherry), SDOT and the SvR Design Company will be hosting 3 public meetings at the Madrona K-8 school library.

Meeting #1 — Tuesday, March 25th.

General background on the planning process, identification of issues and opportunities, and discussion of best practices.  Attendees will review and comment on a preliminary “tree and sidewalk assessment tool”, which will provide an objective mechanism to analyze the value of the trees and sidewalks within a corridor and will set the framework for making decisions about retaining or replacing trees.

Meeting #2 — Tuesday, April 29

Review of tree and sidewalk management options and draft corridor plan.  Participants will be invited to review, comment on , and actively shape the options for addressing the corridor-specific conflicts between trees and sidewalks.

Meeting #3 — Thursday, May 29

At this meeting, attendees will review and comment on the revised corridor study.  They will also discuss next steps of their corridor including opportunities to acquire funding to make the improvements recommended in the plan and ways in which the recommendations could be phased and/or combined with other improvements scheduled for the area.