Neighborhood Appreciation Awards Nominations

The Madrona Community Council reminds you to nominate your neighbors for a Neighborhood Appreciation Day award by Feb. 26.  The awards are:

  • The Nora Award:

Named in honor of Madrona activist Nora Wood, this award is given to a Madrona resident who, over time and in ways large or small, has left a personal mark on the community.

  • The Local Hero Award:

Given to a Madrona resident for an act of heroism, singular kindness, or generosity.

  • The Unsung Hero Award:

Given to a Madrona resident for service to others in the larger community.

  • The Madrona Resident for Life Award:

Bestowed upon a long-time, active resident who has left Madrona but is much missed.

To nominate someone, please tell us who you’d like to nominate and for
which award followed by a few sentences that explain how the nominee
reflects values of the award. Email your nomination(s) on or before Feb. 26 to for review and selection by MCC members.