Community Council

The Madrona Community Council (MCC) is an all-volunteer, community organization that has worked for decades to make Seattle’s unique and special Madrona neighborhood an even better place to live and work.

The MCC is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit (tax ID #94-3202136), governed by documented MCC_Bylaws.  You can support our activities by donating online (PayPal).

What We Do

Activities and events sponsored or financially supported by the MCC include:

  • Madrona News newsletter, mailed free to all homes in Madrona.
  • Neighborhood Appreciation Day Awards celebration, held in February
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale held each spring
  • 34th Avenue Flower Baskets, May through October.
  • 34th Avenue Winter Green Swags and Lights, November through January.
  • Mayfair Parade & Festival at Madrona Playfield.
  • Children’s Halloween Party in the Madrona Playfield shelterhouse.
  • Neighborhood Clean-up Day

In addition, the MCC hosts fundraisers benefit Madrona K-8 and other organizations central to our community, and works to address neighborhood issues as they arise.

Monthly Meeting Times

The MCC meets the first Tuesday of each month, except July and August. Meetings are open to all and are held at the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse at 34th Avenue and East Marion beginning at 7:15pm.

To stay up-to-date on agenda topics and meeting venues, be sure to join our Google Group.  (Click “Apply for membership” to join this low-volume list.)

The MCC President is responsible for the agenda and meeting minutes are recorded by the MCC Secretary.  Meeting minutes are archived and available online.

Topics typically include reports on neighborhood issues such as Land Use, Business/Economic Development, Transportation, Parking, Open Space, Community Events, Newsletter and other items of interest to the community.


All Madrona residents, property owners, governmental agencies, business licensees and non-profit organizations are considered “members” of the MCC. As a volunteer organization, the MCC thrives on the energy and perspective that each member contributes. The more people participate, the more we can do for our neighborhood.

Whether it’s serving as a board member, being part of a subcommittee or just attending meetings and events, we need your input to make sure the Council is addressing the Madrona community’s needs and pursuing its interests.

Contact Information

Please contact any of the MCC members listed below if you have questions or issues you would like the MCC to address, or if you’d like to become involved in any MCC activities.

  • Holly Smith, President, 425.766.3591,
  • Stacey Kryman, Vice President of Events, 206.234.6630,
  • Casey Losh, Madrona News Advertising, 206-6954824,
  • Barney Mansavage, 206.709.9734,
  • Jason Cook, 206.659.5959,
  • Bill Mahoney, Vice President 206.713.9250,
  • Deirdre McCrary, Recording Secretary, 206.325.9035,
  • Susan Minogue,  206.940.7057,
  • Kevin O’Doherty, 206.953.6738,
  • Paul Gomez, Treasurer, 206-281-0272,
  • Rob Ward, 206-324-5551,
  • Dan Sanchez,  206-499-9025,
  • Madrona News Editor:Barbara Parker, 206-726-9798,

4 thoughts on “Community Council

    • Hi Lyn,

      Yes, this was discussed at last night’s meeting — our hope is to coordinate the date with the Glassybaby seconds sale, as that brought a lot of foot traffic into the neighborhood last year. As soon as we confirm a date, we’ll post an update here.


  1. It might be appropriate to note that a good history of Madrona is available from the author, Junius Rochester, 805 32nd Avenue, Seattle, 98122 – 206-860-2153. The book, published in 2002, is titled: “The Last Electric Trolley: Madrona & Denny-Blaine, Seattle, Washington Neighborhoods.”

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